What Makes Us Different

Pam and Pat, together, have over 40 years of working with pregnant and new moms and their families.

They've seen it all, working hands-on with over 1,000 babies during their career.

There are thousands of books on pregnancy and infant care, and hundreds of online courses, but all these courses touch the surface of what you need to know.

Pam and Pat's course provides you with exactly the information you need to know in multiple formats - recorded videos (so you can watch), podcasts (so you can listen), and PDF transcripts (so you can read). So whether you're in front of your computer and watching the lessons, or washing the dishes and listening to the lessons, you can have it your way!

Their lessons include information from their perspective and experience, but also includes interviews with experts - other healthcare providers and new parents, and grandparents, who add value to the lessons. Some of the lessons are difficult - sharing 'cautionary tales' by interviewing moms who have had to deal with difficult circumstances.....things you'll learn that you'll never, ever, read in any book or in anyone else's course.

Most online courses on pregnancy and infant care are very small modules that can't possibly cover what you need to know. Pam and Pat teach you exactly what you need to know without the overwhelm, and you will be prepared for your prenatal journey, and your postpartum journey.

Pam and Pat's course is 10 modules, 44 lessons. But it's available to you in bundled options. So, if you're most interested in your prenatal journey, then Modules 1-5 may be for you. Or, if you're most interested in your postpartum journey, then Modules 6-10 may be for you. Or, you may decide to invest in all 10 modules. And you can purchase 3 different modules as stand-alone, each for $ 47. Those standalone modules are Module One: Pregnancy; Module Six: Fed is Best; and Module Eight: Healthy Sleep.

Once you purchase the course, you have life-time access to the lessons. So they'll be there for you to review when baby #2 or #3 are on their way!

And, you don't just have the online lessons - you are also part of an online community of other soon-to-be, expecting and new parents learning from Pam and Pat, but also learning from each other in the community. And, once a week, Pam will answer your questions LIVE in our private online community.

The course is affordable. And if you purchase all 10 modules you get $100 off the course price. We also offer installment payments, making it easier for you to say YES!

We hope to see you soon.